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About us 

DELRICO® started supplying to the larger supermarket chains  in the early 90,s in the form of a sourcing company supplying a range of goods for our clients requirements. Being asked to source a hose reel for one of our clients we found that the marketplace only offered reels with major quality control problems and inferior parts. So with our engineering background we set about designing and overhauling reels until we thought we could put it out to the marketplace.

We build our reels from the ground up so that anything within our reels can be serviced by our inhouse technicians. We believe in after sales service, then after warranty service! 

We opened our doors to the public in 2003 with our very first hose reel. Some of our early customers are still saying that the original reel is still going strong!

Our new locking system is completely designed here inhouse and has proven a huge success with the way our reels work. Our latest innovation is the patented SRS ( Slow Return System ). Watch the video   Designed so that if the hose is accidentally let go, then it will retract at a much slower and safer speed than the inferior reels on the market. Solely designed for the elderly with the aspect on safety! 

We are constantly designing and redesigning our reels to such a high standard of inclusions that some competitors are constantly playing catchup.

Our customers know that we dont advertise heavily, preferring to keep our prices down and pass the savings on to them. We know the cost of manufacturing and shipping after so long involved in the business, that when we see the prices some competitors try to command, and the lack of quality control within their reels, we understand why the public get confused. We've been here since 2003 solely designing, selling and servicing hose reels, so we must be doing something right!




   Steve Cormie
    Managing Director



Delrico Historic Hose Reel Photos