We pride ourselves in the fact that if ever the need arises and servicing of your reel is required, then our complete workshop can service your reel.

Our DELRICO™ looks like a hose, in a hose reel, mounted to a wall. In theory this is correct, but the DELRICO™ is an extremely complex engineered hose reel that is manufactured and assembled by qualified technicians who are factory trained. There is a great amount of knowledge required to service the reel. Its very easy for someone to pull something apart, but the knowledge is getting it all back together again and working as per manufacturers specifications. That's the DELRICO™ difference! If ever an issue does occur, just give our office a call and we will see if it can be resolved over the phone. Please dont try to dismantle the reel!

Under no circumstances should this be undertaken by anyone of the public.

The reel is spring driven and extremely powerful. To try and attempt " home servicing " is;

  • 1.  Extremely dangerous.
  • 2.  Voids all warranties.

We offer a full service centre within our factory. Again, please do NOT try to disassemble the reel under any circumstances !

No matter what servicing your reel requires we can do it. We do not offer you a discount on a new reel just because you have a problem and your warranty has expired. We fix our reels. We are strongly against contributing to any landfill !. Our reels are not a " throw-away" item.


Following is an example of a reel that had failed to retract. Customer advised that it was never on the wall, only laying on the garden bed as they were renting and were told nothing could be affixed to the walls. Trouble was that a reel laying on its side will allow water ( rain ) to enter via any small opening if laying horizontal.


We advised that it was no problem to service the reel with a new master spring.


Once the spring is aligned, we installed it back into the casing 


Once its put back together the customer ends up with a reel that will continue to give great service ( We advised to put a post in the ground and mount the bracket  accordingly ! ). This shows that if you do consider buying a DELRICO™, then rest assured that your reel can be serviced no matter what the problem!