We believe we have designed and manufactured the safest and most user-friendly retractable hose reel on the market.

The Delrico Difference

The beginning

DELRICO ™ started as a solution to a frustrating problem… the marketplace was flooded with hose reels that suffered major quality control issues and inferior parts. Technology had come so far, and yet here we all were… still struggling to find a reliable, mess free hose. And we knew that if we were sick of tangled hoses, leaky connections and reels that couldn’t stand the test of time, there must be a need for a hose reel built to last.

Since 2003 we have concentrated on designing hose reels and their internals, nothing else. We reckon we’ve got it down pat!

Safety in mind

We also needed a system that was easy for our customers to use, so we set about completely redesigning the traditional “click click” of locking systems. Our 28mtr SRS (Slow Return System) was a challenge in the fact that we had to make it safe so that if anyone accidentally let the reel go, it would slow down to a safer pace without “whipping” in and becoming dangerous like other reels on the market. Now our 28mtr is considered by professionals as the safest and only SRS approved reel on the market.

Designed for longevity and not for landfill – its why we can service, repair & replace parts within our reels.

Focussed on quality

We decided that we needed a system that could handle whatever you threw at it. We went about solving the issue of internal leaking on hose reels. Being a big fan of brass we settled on making the connectivity between the in / out of water flow in solid brass. This means that there is no expansion of plastic under pressure, hence no internal leaking. To back it up we steered away from the common solution of installing 1 or 2 “O” rings and settled on 4. Overall this results in our reels handling and delivering perfect pressure every time.

10 years ago we manufactured our reels with 5 different casing colours, done by colouring mixing in the mould manufacturing process. This was groundbreaking for hose reels at the time. Unfortunately this way of colouring is temporary and in the Australian sun does not last. It’s just a matter of time before the colour fades.

Hence we contracted a chemical paint engineer who came up with a solution ( no, we aren’t telling you how ) that allows us to spray our reels with your colour choice and will easily last for years and years to come.

All our custom reels are built here in Sydney. We have our own manufacturing/quality control in place.

You may have guessed, we are extremely proud of our reels!

Designed for longevity

We put our engineering background to good use and set about designing, overhauling and reinventing a hose reel built to last, always keeping our future customers in mind. It’s this commitment to quality and customer service that has set DELRICO ™ apart from the very beginning. But even the most well-engineered items can still malfunction, so we’ve made sure that our after sales service is also second to none. With a belief in old-fashioned quality, making hose reels built to last and repairing rather than replacing, all the latest DELRICO ™ hose reels can be serviced and repaired by our in-house technicians. Maybe that’s why 17 years in, some of the very first hose reels we sold are still going strong.

Are you ready to build your own custom hose reel?