We’ve covered everything you need to know when buying a retractable garden hose or garden hose fittings and accessories.

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Because the Delrico™ Auto Reel is built to last. From the stainless-steel fixings that won’t rust to the Colorbond™ or Dulux™ casing that won’t fade away with age – we’ve designed our auto reel to withstand almost anything you can throw at it. We’re so confident in our hose reels that we offer a 36 month warranty on them, and a 12-month warranty on our brass nozzles and connectors. We back that up with After Warranty Servicing, so that if something goes wrong after your warranty is up, you can still have your hose reel repaired rather than having to throw it out. Our hose also comes fully certified under REACH manufacturing standards and are the only hose reel on the market with solid brass internal shafts. But if quality, safety and after sales servicing don’t float your boat, our hose reels can also be colour matched to blend in seamlessly with your home and garden. Glossy or Matt!

Yes, additional brackets are available to place your hose reel wherever you have a tap. You can order additional brackets here.

Of course! The Delrico™ reel is a standard 12mm ID (1/2") REACH certified PVC hose. This means that the majority of all connectors on the market will fit the hose.

Usage & care

One of the innovations we’re most proud of is our SRS (Slow Return System on 25m reel only). This allows the hose to retract at a much slower pace, if accidentally released while the tap is on. It is designed to work with the tap on only. Designed with safety in mind, unlike other reels that "whip" back in if accidentally let go.

Our exclusive locking system was designed by us – it’s whisper quiet and there’s no counting clicks like other reels. Simply pull the hose out to where you need it and once tension is released on the hose it automatically locks and stops.

Simply pull the hose approximately 12 inches, and walk the reel back. Do not let go.

Certainly! However, after a long period of time if no maintenance is applied, the standard casing will fade due to the harsh Australian sun. But our super-secret formula on the custom coloured reels does prevent it from fading. Which means these coloured casings will be around for a very, very long time! Fading has no impact on the hose reels performance though.

Warranty & servicing

Yes. We offer a full 36-month warranty for our reels. And with our After Warranty servicing, you reel can still be repaired after the warranty period, rather than disposed of. We carry a full range of parts so that your reel is completely serviceable. This is done within our service centre as special tools and knowledge are required.

Yes. Our service team can replace the hose if ever a problem does occur. Just send the reel back to Delrico™ to have your hose replaced. Under no circumstances should you attempt to do this yourself, it is to be done only by qualified technicians. It's very easy to disassemble something, but getting it back to manufacturing specifications is for our qualified techs.

All Delrico™ hose reels are covered by an extensive 36-month warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty includes labour and parts, while the customer is responsible for freight costs back to the factory. Our high-performance brass nozzles and connectors are covered by a 12-month warranty. Any act of disassembly voids your warranty.


Our reels are manufactured in China with internals from Australia & Taiwan. Our brass connectors/nozzles are Taiwan manufactured using solid brass not brass/alloy.

All our custom coloured reels are completely built here in Australia.


Enter your details in your order and shipping will be calculated to your area. This offer isn’t available for the NT and some regional areas, so pop your postcode in at checkout to see what delivery fees apply. Australia Post can deliver your order straight to your door, Monday to Friday. But, we can’t very well have your brand-spanking new hose reel sitting out on the porch all by its lonesome, now can we? We’d hate for your order to grow legs and start watering your neighbours garden, so you’ll need to be there to sign for it. If you work full time, have your order delivered straight to your workplace – you’ll be the envy of your colleagues.  If you’re not home at the time of delivery, Australia Post will leave a calling card – simply follow the instructions on it to pickup your delivery.

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