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Why is the DELRICO™ Auto Reel™ different from other reels on the market?

Our reel is manufactured using all external stainless steel screws, nuts & bolts. This is so that the reel can be installed in any application, so that you know it will not rust.

Our hose comes fully certified under REACH manufacturing standards.Our new locking system is exclusive to DELRICO™.  We have been involved in the importation and design of hose reels for over 9 years. We are a full service centre for all our reels.

Our exclusive locking system is designed by us here in Australia. It is quiet and there is no having to listen to " click click " like on other reels. Very easy to use, just pull the hose to your desired spot, once tension on the hose is released, the reel automatically locks and stops. To retract, just pull the hose and walk back in, the reel will automatically layer the hose and retract back in the casing. Very simple and effortless to use.

We have also designed our latest innovation the new SRS ( Slow Return System ). This new innovation allows the hose to retract at a much slower pace, if accidentally released. Excellent for the elderly. Designed with safety in mind. Other reels on the market will " whip " back in if accidentally let go, resulting in a very dangerous situation!

We also have a solid brass shaft within our reels. No other reel has this.


Where is the DELRICO Reel made?

Our reel is manufactured and assembled in Taiwan & China under our QC policy.  We have tried to have our reels manufactured here within Australia, but costings would make the reel unavailable to many people. Our staff and our agents in these countries ensure that orders are only shipped once they have passed our testing process, not theirs.

Can I buy additional brackets?

Yes, additional brackets are available to place your hose reel wherever you have a tap. You can order additional brackets here.

What is your reel made of ?

The outer shell casing is made of Polypropylene with additional UV stablizers to help combat the harsh Australian conditions. Assembled with all stainless steel casing screws. The hose itself is manufactured to REACH certification with woven polyester yarn and triple layered for extra strength.

Can I leave my DELRICO outside in the elements?

Certainly. However after a long period of time, the casing will fade due to the harsh Australian sun. This in no way will affect the reels performance.

What pressure is the DELRICO™ hose rated to?

Max 180psi

How do I retract my reel?

With both the 28mtr reel & 14mtr reel, pull the hose approx 12 inches, and walk the reel back. Do NOT let go.

Can the reels be repaired if ever a problem does occur?

Yes. We offer a full 24 months warranty for our 14 & 28mtr reels. If ever there was a problem after this period, we carry a full range of parts so that your reel is completely serviceable. This is to be done within our service centre as special tools and knowledge are required.

Can the hose be replaced?

Yes. Our service team can replace the hose if ever a problem does occur. Just bring the reel back to DELRICO™ and we will offer this service if required. Under no circumstances should you attempt to do this yourself, it is to be done only by qualified technicians.

Can I connect other garden watering devices to the hose?

Certainly. The DELRICO™ reel  is a standard 12mm ID (1/2") PVC hose. This means that the majority of all connectors on the market will fit to the hose.

Can I have my 28m DELRICO™ on my rainwater tank?

Yes of course. But make certain that you tell the company installing your pump that you want to use 28m (98ft) of garden hose. You will need a larger pump to push water through this distance. Mains pressure (over 100psi)  will easily push through this distance but beware of installing a pump for your rainwater with low horsepower.